On the web you only get one chance - first impression.

A website shall in seconds tell the client what it's about.

We help you to get in contact with your clients.

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Strømland Designs was founded in 2009 to provide

freelance services within the web development and advertising business. With years of solving advanced challenges for clients and working with highly skilled seniors in the profession, the company have gained profound and highly specialized experience in the field. The company aim to provide the customer with the best quality and latest of "what really works today" for an affordable price.


We design, create, and develop websites that embody your brand, and propel your business forward.


Our site are tailored to your brand your vision. Every step of the process is built around ensuring you end up with a final product perfectly crafted for your needs.


The end user is never left out of the equation. We make sure every element of our sites are built to the highest modern standards of UX design.


The site your business needs doesn't have to break the bank. Our focus on brochure/portfolio style sites allows us to create sites efficiently and on budget. Our sites are inexpensive to host and maintain, and can be built on nearly any budget.

Website: 4990,- NOK / one time

Hosting: 195,- NOK / monthly


Websites can vary greatly in priced based on size, function, and level of customization.

To give you an idea of what you can expect, here is a simple breakdown of the features included.


A simple and basic website for



A website with an online store or booking for businesses that wish to succeed online

Website: 7990,- NOK / one time

Hosting: 305,- NOK / monthly


A website with customized design built from scratch with full content management control

Website: 14990,- NOK / one time

Hosting: 495,- NOK / monthly


In addition to web design, we specialize in propelling business off the ground. We offer a variety of services that will showcase your business in the best light possible, like professional photography, analytics and search engine optimization.


While stock-images are a great solution for many small businesses, sometimes you need that personal touch. Whatever your reason, custom photography can be a perfect way to stand out from the crowd.

1000,- NOK / per picture


We can tell you how good we are all day long - but the proof is in the pudding. We can help you implement, setup, and optimize your analytics stack. We'll show you how to build meaningful, actionable insights from your data.

1500,- NOK / one time


Every single site we build is SEO optimized to the highest modern standards, but digital advertising is an often overlooked growth opportunity. We can help you build an advertising strategy, create your accounts, and even set up your first set of campaigns.

1500,- NOK / one time

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